Thread Shenanigans, LLC Returns and Refunds Policy

Last updated: 06/01/2022.

Quilting is by nature a hand-made service and as such we are unable to provide Returns or Refunds.

You are responsible for payment in full for any work done on your quilt before it is shipped back to you.

We do our very best to ensure your quilt comes out beautifully, however we are human and as such occassionally there are imperfections.

We use machine quilted designs and even though we purchase from quality Digital Quilt Designers they are also human and are therefore subject to the occassional mistake. We do our best to try to correct these issues but it is not always possible. If there is an issue with the design you have chosen we may contact you to discuss options. If the design elements are made to match the row above, please know that we do our best to get them to match up, however this is not something we can guarantee.

We use a a Longarm machine to quilt, as such on rare occassions it could have an equipment failure and in doing so cause damage to the quilt. We do everything humanly possible to keep that from happening however ultimately it is out of our control and we can not be held responsible for damage to your quilt from equipment failure. If this happens we will contact you immediately to discuss options.

Since this is a mail-in-service you have placed your trust in us to use our best judgement and sometimes expectations of what your quilt will look like is not quite how it ends up looking like. We are not responsible for meeting expectations that have not been communicated clearly.

If you made the choice to allow us to pick the thread color or quilting design, you understand that YOU made that decision to put your trust in us to use our judgement to decide what looks best for your quilt.

We want you to be happy, before we start quilting we always contact you in order to go over all your choices and any expectations you have.

Thread Shenanigans, LLC