Quilt Backing Preparation


– Your Quilt Backing must be 12″ wider (6″ on each side) and 12″ longer (6″ on each side) than your Quilt Top.  For example if your Quilt Top Length is 80″ wide, you will need a backing that is 92″ wide, if your Quilt Top Width is 100″ wide, your backing will need to be 112″ long.  This is an absolute must or I will not be able to load it on the Quilt Frame.  

– The largest Quilt Top I can accepts is 120″ x 120″ and the largest Quilt Backing I can accept is 132″ x 132″. 

– I am unable to center your Quilt Top on the Quilt Backing.

If your Quilt Backing has a direction (up/down) please put a safety pin at the Top edge.

– Please iron your Quilt Backing, I will lightly iron it before I begin however if there are excessive wrinkles you will be charged an additional 15.00 which will be added to your final invoice.

– I highly recommend using the wide (108″) fabric for your backing in order to avoid having a seam.  However, if that is not possible then please use a 1/2″ seam and make it horizontal across the width of your Quilt instead of vertical.  This helps the seam lay flat as it is rolled on the frame and is also stronger for your quilt.  Please leave the selvage edges on the outside edges of the Quilt Backing as they are helpful for loading the backing on to the frame.

– I do not offer a service to piece your backing fabric together.

– Please square your Quilt Backing and ensure you have straight edges.  If your Backing is not accurately squared than I cannot guarantee that your quilt will not be twisted or distorted.  If you have questions on how to square your backing, please google “how to square a quilt backing”, there are many, many examples of this as well as really good youtube videos.  Handi-Quilter has a great youtube that can be found here.

– I do not square Quilt Backings, it is your responsibility to do so.  I will however double check them before I load them on the frame and if there is an issue I will contact you to discuss options.

– I trim the batting down to about an inch around the quilt once I’m finished.  I do not trim the backing fabric itself.  I do this for several reasons, you might need to touch up the squaring, you might like to have the batting in your binding or you could use the extra fabric for your binding.  

If you plan to fold the backing over as your binding, please let me know up front so that I can stop the design as close to the edge of the quilt top as possible

– I’m sorry I do not offer binding services at this time.

If you have ANY questions please feel free to contact me, I am always happy to help!