How Mail-In Quilting Works

Congratulations, you’re on your way to finishing off that Quilt.  Let’s get it on it’s way!

For in depth information about preparing your quilt top/backing as well as information about batting, thread, quilt design and shipping please click on the Quilting Services Menu and go through each tab.

Note:  If you are local to Madison County Alabama and would like to pick-up/drop-off your quilt instead of Shipping, please email me using the Contact Us form so that we can set something up before you fill out the Quilting Service Order Form.

First and foremost you should know that I will be in touch with you through the whole Longarm Quilting process. 

I require 50% of the Estimated Quilting Cost up front.  The remainder along with any additional charges will be invoiced to you upon completion of the quilt and is due upon receipt. 

Once you’ve submitted your order form I will send you an email verifying all the information you have entered and if I have questions I will send those to you in that email.  I will also include the address information you will need to ship your quilt to me.

What goes in the box?  You will package your quilt top, quilt batting if you are providing it, quilt backing and a printed copy of the order form in a plastic bag and then put that in a box.  Ship it to the address I emailed you, and that’s it!  Please be sure to insure your package, I am not responsible for any damage/loss/theft/delays during the shipping  process either from you to me or from me to you.  I will insure your package for $100.00 when I return it to you.

Once I recieve your quilt I will remove it from the box, take pictures of what it looks like as I received it from you, hang the quilt on a hanger and then email you confirmation that I received it along with those pictures. 

If there is excessive ironing required I will let you know that you will be charged an additional 15.00 fee.  Likewise, if there is an excessive amount of loose threads that need trimming I will let you know that you will be charged an additional 15.00 fee for that as well.

If you have chosen to allow me to pick the Edge-2-Edge quilt design or thread color then I will pick those and then email you what my choices are.  As a courtesy I like to double check with you about the choice I made.

Your quilt will be quilted in the order I receive it.  I work on one quilt at a time and do not remove a quilt once I’ve loaded it on the frame.  Once your quilt is loaded and I have begun quilting it I will send you pictures for you to see how the thread and design are progressing.

When I have completed quilting your quilt I will add any additional fees to your remaining balance and then send you a Final Invoice via PayPal which is due Upon Receipt.

I offer Free Return Shipping via FedEx or UPS and include $100.00 insurance.

Once I have verified your payment, depending on the time of day, I will take your package to the FedEx/UPS location and email you the tracking information.

Once you receive the quilt I would love an email from you letting me know how you liked it!  A Google Review is always appreciated as well!

I look forward to seeing what you have created and joining you on your quilting journey!  If you have ANY questions please feel free to contact me, I am always happy to help!