Quilt Top Preparation


– Quilting Fee is calculated based on the Total Square Inches of your Quilt Top.  Calculation is:  Qult Top Length x Quilt Top Width x 0.025

– The maximum size Quilt Top I am able to accept is 120″ x 120″

– Your Quilt Top must be square.  Ensuring your Borders have been attached correctly is critical as extra fabric will cause “fullness” which will interfere with the quilting and may cause “puckers” and/or “pleats”.  Your edges MUST be straight in order to load your Quilt Top correctly on the machine.  If you have questions on how to “square” your quilt, google “how to square a quilt top” and you will find lots of good resources including youtube examples.  Handi-Quilter has a great youtube that can be found here.

– Your Quilt top MUST be flat or you will have “puckers” and/or “pleats”.  Nesting your seams, starching and ironing well while piecing will help greatly. I am not responsible for any quilting issues that are due to your Quilt Top not being square or due to fullness.
– Seams that are on the outside of the quilt should be secured by back-stitching.  Please check ALL your seams are sewn properly, occasionally a seam may not have caught both top and bottom pieces of fabric. This usually happens when adding your borders.  Once it has been quilted it is impossible to correct this.
– Quilt Tops should NOT have loose or trailing threads on the “right-side” OR “wrong-side”.  Threads WILL shadow through light colored fabrics. I do my best to catch these however, once the top is quilted they cannot be removed.   I will charge an additional 15.00 fee if you have an excessive amount of threads that I have to trim.
– Quilt Tops should be ironed flat, I will lightly iron it before I begin however if there are excessive wrinkles then you will be charged an additional 15.00 which will be added to your final invoice.

– If your Top has a direction (top/bottom) please use a safety pin to identify which end is the top.

– I am unable to center your Quilt Top on the Backing.

– Quilt Tops MUST be free of holes and MUST NOT have any embellishments, this could cause damage to the Quilting Machine.

If you have ANY questions please feel free to contact me, I am always happy to help!