… Shenanigans … cause life is too short not to be up to something…


Thread Shenanigans was created out of boredom brought on by Empty Nest Syndrome.

My name is Mary Ann, and I am the Queen of Shenanigans around here.  I am pretty positive I suffer from ADHD, although I’ve technically never been diagnosed as such. 

I was fortunate enough to inherit my sewing skills from my mom. An absolute genius with crochet, but she can sew, knit, and embroider as well.  I can remember her sewing clothes for me and my sister, along with matching clothes for our dolls, but she never had a desire to get into quilting.

I have been sewing since before the kids were born. However, like all things when kids show up, I put it down to chase them around the house instead.

When the youngest graduated, I thought I would either die of boredom or end up divorced. Harrassing my husband was apparently not an option for entertainment.

So, it was time for me to get back into crafting. Finally!  But, like all people with ADHD, I can’t just sew – I have to do ALL THE THINGS! 

It all started with a table runner. Cause, well, doesn’t it always? 

As you know, when making a table runner you’re really just making a tiny quilt.  Of course you want your table runner to be pretty.  So before you know it, not only are you learning machine embroidery, you’re now designing it as well!  Next, you’re on to piecing fabric, adding batting, which means now you’re quilting and binding!  Who knew, quilting!!  

I decided I needed bigger, cause, well, reasons!!

Unfortunately, moving all that fabric through my sewing machine made me realize my age.  I started eyeing all those beautiful Longarms.  Look hubby, it’s a health issue! I NEED one!  You want me to be healthy don’t you???!!!  

This is where my ADHD kicks in.  I can’t JUST piece, that’s boring!  I can’t JUST quilt cause, well, who can piece that fast!! 

Hence, Thread Shenanigans Longarm Quilting Services was born.  You piece them, I quilt them with beautiful Edge-2-Edge quilting designs and hubby doesn’t divorce me!!  Seriously y’all, that’s important!  I’m too busy crafting to train another man!!  

I look forward to seeing what ya’ll have pieced, and I am so honored to be part of your quilting journey.

Please feel free to contact me with ANY questions you have! 

Jenny Dupuy
I told Mary Ann that she is a treasure, and she is! She helped me compete my first quilt which I had started for my granddaughter over a year ago, that I had hidden away under my bed. Mary Ann patiently took the time to help me make some adjustments to the quilt top. We picked the thread and the quilting pattern, and she worked her magic to turn my quilt into a work of art. I just brought her a second quilt to do for me, and I will have several more to come. After all, I have six grandchildren, seven siblings, and lots of nieces and nephews! .I highly recommend Thread Shenanigans for your next quilt project! Mary Ann does great work! You will not be disappointed.
Rose Wolf
I enjoyed working with Mary Ann, from choosing a thread color, a quilting design, and her explaining the process. I dropped off the quilt top and backing fabric on Monday and by Friday morning I was picking up the beautiful finished quilted layers. Also, Mary Ann surprised me with a label for my first large pieced quilt. I am very pleased with my experienced with Mary Ann's long arm quilting. I highly recommend Thread Shenanigans service.
Kayley Stephens
Such a great experience working with Mary Ann, she was very understanding when things changed up on how the quilt was getting delivered, very timely and professional, I let her pick the quilting and thread color but she was still very open and vocal about her choices and involved me in everything, she sent pictures all throughout and it was just the best experience I’ve had with a long arm quilter, your quilt will be in very good hands if you chose to send your quilt to Ms. Mary Ann!
Dawn Stephens
Mary Ann is a dream to work with, she made the process from start to finish wonderful. Her professionalism, knowledge and friendliness is exceptional. I highly recommend her service and will definitely be using her again.
Gail Bonham
I stick at quilting, but now I don't have to worry about it! Mary Ann stayed in contact and did AMAZING work with a VERY quick timeline. I left everything in her capable hands...she didn't disappoint! She is my go to from now on! Love my North Carolina - Alabama connection.
Marie Jacobs
I have found my forever long arme quilter! Great results and great communication as well.
Kay Thompson
Oh.My.Goodness. Mary Ann did an absolutely fabulous job on my quilt! I wanted 2 layers of batting, which was not a problem for her. She corresponded as soon as she received my quilt…then worked with me on the quilting design, texting photos along the way. AND…she got it done soooo quickly! It was barely a week from the time I sent it until I received it back. I will totally use Mary Ann again on larger quilts I don’t do FMQ myself. Mary Ann ROCKS ❣️
Dolores Bennett
Met a new friend when I contacted Threads Shenanigans, Mary Ann was great! I’m 76, love making quilts since my 20’s but quilting has become too much. Mary Ann took that burden away. My grand daughter has a one if a kind guilt and I can keep piecing tops, my partner/friend will help me finish them.
Lori Bowen
My first time to send off a quilt to a quilter! Could not have been easier! Mary Ann kept me informed and involved in the entire process! Now I have a beautiful fully finished quilt for my daughters wedding! Can’t wait for my next quilt!!
Lynn Powell
Mary Ann at Thread Shenanigans turned my quilt into a work of art! I didn't know what to expect because I had never used her before. From now on, all my quilts and my friends quilts will be sent to her for quilting. She even sent me progress pictures halfway through the quilting. I highly recommend you entrust your quilt to Thread Shenanigans!