Quilt Design Information

– All quilting is done on the HQ Amara Longarm using Pro-stitcher digital machine quilting designs.  

– I do not offer Free Motion Quilting (FMQ).

– All designs are Edge-to-Edge (E2E,B2B), I do not offer Custom Quilting at this time.

–  There is a $10.00 charge for the digital quilt design.

– There are literally thousands and thousands of quilt designs on the internet available and new ones come out every day.   In order to take advantage of that I do not stock designs for you to choose from.

Instead, I offer two choices for the quilt design:

 1. You may allow me to choose a design that I believe would best compliment your quilt, in which case you understand and accept that YOU made this decision and will abide by the quilt design choice I make. 

2. You may choose the quilt design.  I have listed several quality digital quilt design websites below that you can choose a quilt design from.   If you find a design from a website that I have not listed that is perfectly acceptable as well.   When searching for digital quilt designs please search for Edge-2-Edge or sometimes they are referred to as B2B (Border to Border).  


– During the Order form process you will have a spot to enter the URL address for the digital quilt design that you have chosen.  I suggest finding the quilt design you’d like to use before beginning the Order process so that you already have that information (URL) available.

– Once I receive your order form I will email you to discuss among other things your quilt design choice.  In some cases the design you choose may not work with the quilt and we can go over that.  I retain the right to refuse a quilt design.

!!   Please note that once I have started quilting I am unable to make any changes to the quilt design.  !! 

Digital Quilting Design Website Suggestions








If you have ANY questions please feel free to contact me, I am always happy to help!