Quilt Batting Information


– I prefer to use Kyoto Bamboo Blend Batting by Luna.  It is ideal for Longarm Quilting because of the the way it sticks to the Quilt Top and Bottom. This helps to keep it smooth and from getting lumpy or thinning as you straighten it out through the quilting process.  It is also breathable, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  

– While I prefer Bamboo Batting, I do have an option for you to provide the Batting.  I only carry Bamboo Batting by Luna, so if you would like something else you will have to provide it.

– If you provide the Batting it must be Quality Quilting Batting.  

– Your Batting must be 12″ larger than your Quilt Top (6″ each side all the way around), in other words the same size as your Backing.  I’m sorry but I do not accept Batting that has been pieced. 

–  I will quilt 2 layers at most of Batting regardless of who provides the Batting. 

– If you purchase the Batting from me the Batting Fee is calculated based on the Total Backing square inches required for your quilt and multiplying it by 0.0045.  If you choose an extra layer of batting I just double this fee.

– Below is the manufacturer’s information for the Kyoto Batting that I prefer.

Kyoto Bamboo Blend Batting By Luna


50% Cotton and 50% bamboo with an ultralight and super strong substrate

Bamboo is softer than cotton, biodegradable, hypo allergenic and eco friendly

For a hand sewn look do not prewash. Shrinkage is approximately 3% after wash

Stitches up to 8″ apart will endure years of use and washing

Made in the USA 

If you have ANY questions please feel free to contact me, I am always happy to help!